Trustees of The Ileostomy Association of Great Britain Trust

Alan West Mike Thompson John Smail 

The trustees are appointed under the terms of the Trust Deed created in 1967.

They are appointed by invitation of the existing trustees, hold office indefinitely and are unelected members of the executive committee who provide valuable oversight and advice.

They are also able to take up an elected position within the executive committee.

Chairman of the Executive Committee

Stuart HayThe chairman's responsibilities fall into two main areas: ensuring fair play at meetings and helping lead IA to success.

The chairman is expected to carry wider responsibilities than those which can be contained within the actual meetings of the committee.

The chairman acts on behalf of the executive committee between meetings, reports on its work to National Council, carries forward IA's work by pursuing decisions made in meetings, resolves conflicts and represents the charity to other organisations and to the public.

Chairman of the Finance Sub-Committee

Gordon BriarsThe chairman of the finance sub-committee liaises with the national treasurer, chairs the committee to ensure fair play, reasoned debate, and make clear recommendations from the sub-committee to the executive committee for adoption or rejection.

The chairman of the finance sub-committee is a cheque signatory and has shared responsibility with the chairman of the executive committee for authorising payments and deciding on matched funding applications.

Liaison with Stoma Care Nursing

Carol KatteAlison Crawshaw

During the 1970s, the post of stoma care nurse was created following pres¬sure from patient support groups such as IA. These clinical nurse specialists belong to one or more of the three nursing organisations: Royal College of Nursing Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum, (RCN Forum), World Council of Enterostomal Therapists, (WCET), (UK) and the Association of Coloproctology Nurses Chapter.

The post of liaison co-ordinator between IA and stoma care nursing can only be held by a member of one of the specialist forums. Liaison between the stoma care nursing groups and IA is of mutual benefit to each organisation to allow the free flow of communication, ideas, joint initiatives on literature and education.

Internal Pouch Co-ordinator

Position VacantThe ileal-anal pouch is one of the most important advances in the treatment of ulcerative colitis during the last thirty years and is now an accepted and very successful alternative to a permanent ileostomy for some patients. The internal pouch co-ordinator is a budget holder, writes regular news items for the Journal, facilitates a workshop at National Council meetings and generally represents the interests of the charity's internal pouch members.

The internal pouch sub-committee manages the Victoria Wills IA Internal Pouch Bursary Fund, organises Pouch Information Days, social events, advises on ileal-anal pouch literature and works with the healthcare professionals to improve awareness of the issues facing pouch patients.

Young IA Co-ordinator

Position VacantThe young IA co-ordinator represents the interests and concerns of young members by promoting the profile and increasing the participation of the younger age groups. The young IA co-ordinator chairs a sub-committee comprising young members representing the regions of the British Isles, and develops local and inter-regional contacts and networks.

Some members also serve on the executive committee whilst others contribute on a range of projects, sub-committees and local committees, ensuring that young members' views are considered. The young IA co-ordinator is a budget holder, a regular contributor to the Journal with "Young IA News" and maintains contact with Breakaway Visits, a charity that organises residential weekend activity breaks for the 4-18 age group with bowel and/or bladder diversions/dysfunctions and their families.

The sub-committee also facilitates workshops at National Council meetings, manages the Young IA Bursary Fund, organises the young IA weekend and social events, and advises on literature for younger members.

Elected Representatives

Cepta BurkeJacqui O'DonnellLaurence RaeAnna Rennie

The post of elected representative, which is contested annually, is open to members involved in the local member organisations. It is the elected representatives' role to communicate, listen, comment and facilitate, report to the executive committee and make due reply to the member involved wherever situated. Each elected representative is allocated a number of member organisations with which they keep in regular contact to ensure that the views of members are represented at national level. As a trustee, the elected representative shares joint responsibility for any action taken by any other trustee, has a responsibility to attend all meetings of the committee and relevant sub-committees, to debate, to contribute and to vote.