International Ostomy Association (IOA)

The purpose of the International Ostomy Association is to provide an association in the form of a world council for the benefit of ostomates, run by ostomates, and in full interests of all ostomates, with the co-operation of outside help when required, and to represent the viewpoint of ostomates on the international level.

The association is organized to encourage the highest possible standards of surgery, medical attention, and patient after-care, and to assist member associations to help rehabilitate ostomates, thereby enabling them to achieve the quality of life they seek in all its aspects.

The Aims of the International Ostomy Association are:

  • To provide information and management guidelines to its Member Associations
  • To help to form new Ostomy Associations
  • To represent worldwide the interests of all ostomates and those with related surgeries by advocating on all ostomy related matters and policies

The primary Objectives of the International Ostomy Association are:

  • To provide and distribute information to its Member Associations by:
    • collecting and evaluating written information and experiences
    • publishing the “Ostomy International” journal and “IOA News”
    • publishing other advisory information and news material
    • organizing meetings and congresses
  • To initiate and support the formation of new Ostomy Associations by:
    • developing guidelines for founding and maintaining an ostomy group
    • providing mentorship for new groups
  • To advocate for the rights of ostomates and those with related surgeries by:
    • maintaining an awareness of issues that are impacting, or could influence, the quality of life and initiating policies and activities to address these issues
    • co-ordinating and supporting all efforts to develop, establish and provide basic standards in ostomy care and rehabilitation
    • co-operating with medical and nursing associations, government health administrations and other allied organizations
    • promoting co-operation among the professional and manufacturing community who contribute to the advancement of the quality of life