The IA Journal Omnibus Edition

This is a comprehensive handbook based on articles which have been published in the IA Journal. It gives information about many aspects of living with an ileostomy or an internal pouch, eg:

  • How an ileostomy works – the medical aspects
  • How you feel about your ileostomy – self image and attitude
  • The practical aspects – ostomy management
  • The ileo-anal pouch operation
  • Details of information and help which is available
  • IA – what it is and how it does it

There are some twenty-two articles (mostly written by members of the medical professions) plus plenty of hints and tips in the handbook’s 96 pages. It is available only from IA National Office and costs £3.75 (+£1.25 postage)

Due to high demand the Journal Omnibus is currently out of stock.