Supporting Stoma and Internal Patients of Ukraine

IA has been liaising with Essex based Paul & Lucie Long who have turned over their Cafe Bijou into a humanitarian aid distribution location. Whilst Lucie receives medical supplies daily, husband Paul is driving backwards and forwards to the Poland/Ukraine border delivering donations. Paul is currently driving a bus that will be used as a field hospital and blood bank on the border. He’s heading out with medical supplies on a regular basis (every few days). He’s coming home, sleeping, packing the next load and driving back to the Poland/Ukraine border – a real hero.

The thought of not having any day-to-day medical supplies can be very distressing. Says one of Paul & Lucie’s family members, “To be honest, things like stoma supplies probably get overlooked but will be needed. People tend to think about dressings and bandages and not things like this. I know, having had a father with a stoma, how vital it is.”

Lucie and Paul welcome receiving any spare or unused medical supplies for stoma or internal pouch patients.

Please do not donate your own everyday supplies, or over-order on your prescriptions. If you have unused samples or left over supplies that you are no longer going to need, then please send them to:

Lucie Long
Cafe Bijou
3-7 Market End

If you would like to make a donation to help them buy more medical supplies and essentials on his journey please visit their GoFundMe page