Donations to IA

Thank you very much for considering a donation to our charity.

If you wish, you can specify (in the comments box on the donations page) how you would like your donation to be used – for example :

  • Research
  • Welfare
  • Young IA
  • Internal Pouch Group
  • In memory of a relative

If you do not wish to specify, your donation will be placed in our General Fund and used to help with the important function of administering our charitable association, which supports those who have had, or are about to have, ileostomy or internal pouch surgery.

Please click on the left menu to enter the online donations page.

For those who may wish to donate by other means, please post to:

IA National Treasurer
1 New Building Cottages, Mucking Hall Road
Barling Magna, Essex SS3 0NR

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Thank you once again.