My Bag and I

Ileostomy & Internal Pouch Association (IA) is delighted to be working with upcoming film producer Michael Durban in creating a documentary about social issues faced by people living with a stoma. My Bag and I openly discusses issues such as dating, sex, mental wellbeing and day to day life with a stoma.

Breaking the taboo this edgy documentary tells it how it really is in a frank and honest way through the lives of Elliot and Hari, who have each had stoma surgery at a young age. This documentary has a great positive vibe intended to open up discussion.

Said Producer/Director Michael Durban, “When I had my stoma surgery five years ago, I didn’t know anyone with a stoma and felt I had to deal with issues on my own. I wanted to produce My Bag and I so others understood the issues ostomates face. The documentary doesn’t mask anything, and shows viewers what it’s like to live with a stoma. As ostomates, we face these taboos through various media such as TV, news and social media, and I hope this sets a precedent of understanding that life does not end with having a stoma, it can be the beginning of a better quality of life.”

This candid documentary has already been shortlisted for numerous film festivals which will expose the topic to thousands of people.

Scott Clifford, Communications Manager for IA said, “This is a refreshingly modern approach to discussing living with a stoma, tackling subjects not often openly discussed. IA was delighted to work with Michael who brings a freshness to this documentary, using his own experiences. Through this documentary we hope to highlight to people with a stoma that they should not be embarrassed or fearful following surgery and that living with a stoma should not be seen as a barrier to continuing to enjoy life to the full.”

The documentary can be viewed at