My Bag and I

“Living with stoma doesn’t have to be a barrier to enjoying life.”

IA has teamed up with My Bag and I to release a documentary about living with a stoma. The documentary, directed by Michael Durban, tackles social issues facing ostomates today such as dating, sex, mental wellbeing and day to day living. The documentary follows ostomates Elliot and Hari who discuss individually, in an honest and open way, how life with a stoma raised fears around dating with a bag and the pre-conceptions that many new to surgery often develop. This documentary aims to smash those fears and show people that living with a stoma doesn’t have to be a barrier to enjoying life.

Whether you’re new to surgery or have been living with a stoma for a while, IA is here to help. If you’d like to support the work that IA has been doing since 1956, you can join IA or if you’d like to speak with someone who has been through surgery and understands day to day what living with a stoma is like, please get in touch. We have a number of qualified ‘IA Visitors’ who are people just like you, ready to listen and offer support. You can arrange to speak with someone by calling us on 0800 0184 724 or emailing info(at)