#OstomyRider – Week 2

‘Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway’ – Earl Nightingale

Week 2

Day 1

Tough weekend with fibromyalgia, probably the worst it’s ever been, the cold is actually what sets it off. So with trepidation I got ready to go on my bike. 45 mins according to the training plan.

I had a good nights sleep (important!) and got the thermal biking gear out, scarf and special headband with ear protectors. It’s worth mentioning when the days are really cold I often have warm squash in my drink bottle, hydration is soooo important but drinking freezing cold squash out on a ride, brrr no thanks! It’s worth either getting your exercise stuff out in preparation or having it all in its own drawer, cupboard or whatever – you don’t need any excuse/reason/procrastination to get in the way (yes guilty of all 3!)

Legs were a bit unsure to start with but after 15mins we relaxed into the ride, legs warmed up and the cyclist’s grin appeared. The session said 45mins easy but down here surrounded by hills hmm…I’d planned my route before I set off which works best for me otherwise I’m cycling around with no idea where I’m going and no plan. I chose my road bike today as opposed to my MTB (Mountain Bike) to get some stamina and miles in, and with slightly achy legs it’s not as tough for them.

Post ride, toes are still freezing, MUST get winter cycling shoes this year, can’t take another season of frost bitten tootsies! Plus waiting for new gloves to arrive so fingers were a little chilly. Felt great at end of ride, 46min ride so I was really pleased. Felt really good, I had to push myself a little to get out today but it was worth it. Need to sort post ride fuel, either a protein snack or meal.

Day 2

Had breakfast and ready to go, no signs of fibro (yay!) and feeling much better. Looking forward to my ride. Different mindset to Monday, feeling not great does have a knock-on effect on training but I’m still glad I pushed myself and got out.

Day 3

Met Becky for ride, rode from home five miles to meet up then we went on for a further seven miles – I like to exercise in the morning preferably. Good to be out, the 15min smile appeared as usual! It’s so nice having a really good friend to bike with, we inspire and encourage each other as well as talking non-stop the whole way!

Thought I’d better treat the bike by cleaning it!