Urging services to complete IBD Benchmarking

Working together to improve IBD care

As members of IBD UK, IA is working in partnership with 16 other organisations to transform IBD care and outcomes in the UK.

84% of IBD services have now registered for the IBD Benchmarking Tool.  This means they can assess themselves against the 2019 IBD Standards and their patients’ experience to identify what is working well and where the service can be improved.

It’s now important that services complete their self-assessments before 15th January when the Benchmarking Tool closes.  There’s lots of guidance and tips on the IBD UK website and a useful blog from services that have completed the process.

“It was a real eye-opener… The process was very systematic, clear and user-friendly” (Dr Amar Wahid, Children’s Hospital of Wales)

Once services have submitted their assessment, their pin on the IBD services map will turn green.

The results of the IBD Benchmarking Tool will be available in March 2020, including data from over 10,000 patients across the UK. A national report will be produced, giving an overall picture of IBD care.  Individual service reports will support business cases and targeted plans for quality improvement.  

To register your service for the Benchmarking Tool visit www.ibduk.org or email info@ibduk.org