Board of Directors

IA’s Board is responsible for the overall and day-to-day administration of the charity. Headed up by Chairman of the Board, IA has eight directors fulfilling trustee positions with a further 3 co-opted to support the Board in providing specialist knowledge (e.g. medical professionals). Consultant positions add to the Board to provide services to the charity. The Board meets four times a year with a series of sub committees, who meet throughout the year, feeding in to the Board. The sub committees focus on some of the specialist services that IA provides such as Young IA and Visiting.

IA’s Groups

In line with IA’s Articles of Association, the Board represents the interests of 45 member organisations around the UK and Ireland; 33 operate under a ‘branch’ agreement with the other 12 operating under an ‘affiliate’ agreement. Ultimately each group. or Member Organisation, represents the interest of the people (or its members) it supports within the area it operates. The primary difference between the ‘branch’ and ‘affiliate’ status of IA’s groups is where the responsibility lie. Groups operating under a ‘branch agreement’, and under the umbrella of the main charity, provide local support to both members and non-members alike whilst administrative tasks are completed by IA national office. Groups operating as an ‘affiliate’ are autonomous registered charities who continue to represent the interests of its members through organising local events and fulfilling their administrative duties themselves.