Local Groups

IA’s local groups are run by volunteers who themselves have undergone surgery and are living with an ileostomy or an internal pouch or they know someone who has. Following surgery, many have a desire to give something back to assist others given they have often been through a difficult journey themselves and understand how others will be feeling as they embark on theirs.

Our volunteers are the heart of IA and work hard to provide support within their local area through organising meetings, offering one to one support through IA’s visiting service, attending open days and representing the patient voice in their area. They work with local bodies, liaise with local stoma care nurses and promote the positive aspects of surgery.

To become a member of your local group, enter your preferred search criteria to find the groups closest to you. Who knows, you may even want to give something back yourself and your local group would love to hear from you if you have some time to spare and would consider volunteering yourself.