As a registered charity supporting others we rely on your generosity to help us in the work that we do. Supporting someone through bowel surgery at a time when they feel vulnerable, perhaps angry or frustrated, scared and uncertain, is hugely rewarding when you see their confidence develop and their acceptance grow as they learn to live with their ileostomy or internal pouch.

Donations such as yours, especially when increased through Gift Aid, can help us to make that difference with our special projects, such as research into exercise with an ileostomy or the quality of life with an internal pouch. You can also choose to donate to our local groups who have in the past funded vital equipment on colorectal wards or for the benefit of stoma care nursing departments.

Unless you have specified how your donation is to be used, we apply donations to our general fund which may also go towards running a course for IA Trained Volunteers, developing products and services to our membership, or help us with general maintenance costs that the charity incurs daily just to run.

If you’d like to donate, whether generally or specifically for the benefit of one of our local groups, you can contact IA and we’d be happy to discuss the options with you. Alternatively you can contact the group directly to discuss your donation and how you’d like it to be used. You can make a one-off or regular donation through one of IA’s fundraising platforms below. Please note that donations made through these platforms will be for the benefit of IA nationally as opposed to one of our local groups.