IA’s Organisation

National Officers

It is the policy of IA that all trustees within the National Executive Committee, and that divisional and branch committees (apart from medical consultants) shall also themselves have had a colectomy and have a full understanding of all that is involved in living life with an ileostomy or internal pouch.

IA is a network of local groups (known as ‘member organisations’) throughout Great Britain and Ireland. Each group is autonomous and runs its affairs in the light of local conditions. There is also a postal branch for overseas members.

The National Council meeting is the annual conference of IA. Any member may attend National Council, but voting is restricted to one voting delegate from each local group.

The National Executive Committee consists of national officers and elected members (including trustees of  IA Great Britain & Ireland), and most have a specific role. The National Executive Committee is responsible, through its national secretary, for running the day-to-day affairs of the association and for recommending matters of policy to the National Council.

Local Groups (Member Organisations)

Like the national executive committee, local groups’ committees are made up with people who have undergone surgery to form an ileostomy or an internal pouch. Sometimes a local stoma care nurse or other medical person with knowledge of the subject will be a member of the local committee, or be closely associated with it.

A local committee will normally consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and a number of other volunteers to help with the running of the group. All membership subscriptions are paid to local groups.

Meetings are organised periodically for local members to attend. They are often supported by a speaker who may talk about either medical or general subjects, or the meetings may be of a social nature.

For details of events in your own area, please contact your local secretary whose contact details may be found in the ‘Regions‘ section of this website.