IA Membership Survey 2024

As part of IA’s ongoing committment to providing support, we regularly review the support IA offers. Your feedback is very important to us and your responses will help us to shape how we offer support in the future.

This survey is ANONYMOUS. The survey does not ask for your name or other personal identifiable information. We recommend that you do NOT add your name or other personal identifiable information into any of your survey responses. If you require support from IA, please do not include this in your survey responses; we will be unable to support you as the survey is anonymous. Please contact us via 0800 0184 724, [email protected] or visit us online at www.iasupport.org.

Thank you for your continuing support and taking the time to complete this survey. IA’s privacy policy is available by contacting us as above or via: www.iasupport.org/privacy.

If you are unable to complete the survey via this page due to web browser or device issues, you can access the form directly at IA Membership Survey 2024