Information Day 2023 - Recorded Presentations

Following a successful Information Day 2023 in Warwickshire, our keynote speakers facilitated some very informative and interesting presentations on key subjects that affect people living with a stoma or internal pouch.

You can click on the videos to watch the presentation (adjust to full screen as required). Due to time some speakers followed up with questions in the Q&A video.

High Output Stomas – Professor Gordon Carlson

IA’s National President, Professor Gordon Carlson, explains what a high output stoma is, why it happens and management techniques to preserve fluid balance.

Your Kidneys and You – Shelagh Bickerton

Lead Nurse, Shelagh Bickerton, explains the importance of hydration and fluid management when living with an ileostomy or internal pouch and the effect on the kidneys.

Current Trends in Managing Pouchitis – Miss Abhilasha Patel

Miss Abhilasha Patel covers the latest techniques in managing pouchitis for people living with an internal pouch.

Bryan Brooke Lecture 2023

Technology and Innovation in the Surgical Management of Patients with Bowel Disease – Professor David Jayne

Professor David Jayne talks about the use of robotics and other innovations in the management of people with bowel disease.

The Importance of Research – Dr Neil Smart and Professor Tom Pinkney

Dr Neil Smart presents on the importance of research, its benefits, the working relationship between professional & patient and how to get involved in research.

Running an Effective Member Organisation

Colleagues from Birmingham IA share their successes in running one of IA’s largest member organisations.

Q&A Panel – keynote speakers

Keynote speakers from the day plus others take part in a questions and answers panel from audience members.