In common with many charitable organisations, IA is mainly funded by its members by way of subscriptions and donations. Also in common is the need to generate donations from outside sources and other areas, eg. grants and legacies.

Membership subscription payments – currently £15.00 for those aged under 60 and £10.00 for those aged 60 and over – are split equally between National Office and local IA groups. Local groups maintain their own autonomy and, like the National organisation, are recognised as separate charities. We in IA maintain different funds nationally, all of which comply with the regulations set down by the Charitable Commission for England and Wales.

For Example:

  • The General Fund
  • The Capital Investment Fund
  • The Research Fund
  • The Welfare Fund
  • The Bryan Brooke Overseas Travel Fund

If you would like to make a donation to IA now please click here.

As a National Organisation, we only run two fundraising projects each year. The participants in these are mainly our members or their friends and associates. Each project complies with the relevant legislation.

They are:

  • The National Sweepstake
  • The National Draw

If you would like a sweepstake entry form please contact IA National Office.

All income from the Sweepstake goes to our Research Fund. Income from the National Draw is split 50/50 between our Research Fund and local groups.

We recognise that we need to generate money to maintain our current position. We have in the past benefited from very generous legacies and we see this as another way in which funds may be enhanced.

A project review is currently on the way to see how we could attract, maintain, and perhaps increase such legacies. However we do need to balance the promotion of this way of giving with the compassion and sensitivity that surrounds legacies.

If you wish to receive advice on giving via a legacy, please contact your legal adviser who will be able to make the necessary arrangements. Can we ask that if you are thinking of this method of giving to ensure that your bequest is clear as to where the money should go, and to what use, for example if you wish to leave money to National IA for use in its Research Fund then words to the effect “I wish to leave £xxx to IA – The Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group – for use in research.” If you wish to leave a legacy to your local group, then insert after IA the name of that group.

If you wish to make a donation, you can forward a cheque to our National Office and state which fund you wish it to go to.