European Ostomy Association (EOA)

The European Ostomy Association (EOA) is a not-for-profit organization for ostomate associations all over Europe, North Africa and The Middle East.

A total of 42 organizations belong to EOA.

The aims and objectives for EOA are stated in its Constitution. The goals to be achieved are stated in the Charter of Ostomates’ Rights. It is well known that ostomates in some countries within EOA have many problems. Some of the problems relate to discrimination, and some to the fact that their appliances are not available in all countries.

One very important goal for EOA is to help organizations all over EOA to have the Charter implemented and accepted by the authorities. Just coming into contact with the authorities can be a problem in some countries, having EOA backing will often be a great advantage. As EOA has members in many parts of the world, and with a large number of languages, it takes great care to back every association in their effort to get authorities to accept the Charter.

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