The IA Journal

This is sent to all members quarterly, free of charge, in March, June, September, and December.

The IA Journal is more than just a magazine about IA (although one of its functions is to keep the members in touch with what is happening within IA). It is a very valuable source of regular information for both ileostomists and internal pouch patients.

The IA Journal normally includes information about new products and appliance equipment, about ostomy management, and many other matters involving life with an ileostomy or internal pouch. There are usually several pages of letters from members, and personal stories.

Each quarter, 12,000 copies are circulated to IA members, surgeons, doctors, nurses, ostomy equipment suppliers and manufacturers, and others interested in our work.

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To download a recent article from the IA Journal in pdf format, please select from the list below (remember – this is just a small selection from many interesting and topical articles concerning ileostomy and internal pouch matters):

Journal 177 – Coming Back from Stoma Surgery

Journal 178 – A 50th Anniversary

Journal 180 – Bowel Obstructions

Journal 181 – Loop Ileostomies

Journal 181 – Parastomal Hernia

Journal 184 – Secrets and Lies of a Closet Ileostomist

Journal 186 – Diet

Journal 198 – Opportunity Knocked

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To receive a regular copy of the IA Journal yourself, you simply need to join IA via your local group (see Regions) or via National Office, or you can click here to apply online.