Brief history of IA – 1956 to date


14th April – Meeting at Birmingham General Hospital. Chairman – Mr. Bryan Brooke. Forty-seven people present, including Dr. Cuthbert Dukes, Mr. R. D. Peters and Mr. E. Lloyd-Lucas from London who were also considering forming a division. Group formed with Doreen Harris as secretary.

25th May – Meeting at St. Mark’s – London Division formed, followed by Northern Division at Leeds.

August – first Q T G B Newsletter (forerunner of IA Journal) published.


16th February – joint meeting of representatives from Birmingham, London and Leeds held at Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 – 9 people attended. Mr. R. D. Peters (London) appointed chairman of the meeting. Association called Q. T. (Great Britain). National committee formed and immediately held first meeting. Secretary – Mr. E. Lloyd-Lucas (London).

19th October – 2nd meeting of National Committee held at Birmingham. Mr. Bryan Brooke elected as chairman. New divisions in Scotland (Edinburgh) and Ireland (Belfast).

7th December – 3rd meeting of National Committee held in London. Subscriptions set at 10/-(50p) per ordinary member; 1/- (5p) to be remitted to National Committee. Name changed to Ileostomy Association of Great Britain.


March – Q T G B Newsletter renamed IA Newsletter.


10th October – membership now 1,200 ordinary members and 150 honorary and associate members. Agreed to appoint National Executive and to draw up Constitution. President: Mr. Bryan Brooke; Chairman of Executive Committee: Dr. Cuthbert Dukes; Secretary: Mr. G. K. Thompson; Treasurer: Mr. M. St. A. Moore. Divisions now in South-West and Wessex.

31st October – first meeting of National Executive Committee.


25th June – Meeting of National Executive Committee approves new constitution for circulation to divisions

31st December – accounts show balance of £382.8.3d (£382.41).


22nd July – Meeting of National Executive Committee considered draft trust deed submitted by Leslie Kingston for ‘Old People’s Fund’.


Bryan Brooke moves from Birmingham to St George’s Hospital London and becomes professor of surgery at London University.

16th March – National Council meeting. President – Professor Bryan Brooke FRCS; Chairman of Executive Committee – Dr. T. D. Kellock FRCP; Secretary – Mr. A. Cape.

4th May – Meeting of National Executive Committee; Research Fund established.

5th October – Meeting of National Executive Committee; agreed that permanent address be 149 Harley Street, London (courtesy Mr. Ian Todd FRCS, who also became surgical adviser to IA).


14th March – National Council meeting agreed to change of name to Ileostomy Association of Great Britain & Ireland. Ileostomy manual produced, entitled ‘A New Life’ 3/6d (17p) to members; 10/- (50p) to others.


6th March – National Council meeting held at Leeds, the first time the meeting been held outside London. Overseas Postal Branch formed with Mrs. Mary Sawdon as secretary (retired April, 1992). August – name of IA Newsletter changed to IA Journal.


1st January – total membership = 3,175: 2,831 ordinary, 169 associate and 175 honorary.

23rd April – Special meeting of the National Executive Committee to consider ‘The future of the Association’. Consideration given to (a) status of divisions and branches; (b) classes of membership; (c) administration and finance – because of rapid growth of Association, is was considered that some ‘paid’ clerical help was required.

October – National Secretary, Albert Cape, died.

26th November – Extra-ordinary meeting of National Council resolved that paid National Secretary be appointed. Leslie Kingston appointed w.e.f. 1st January, 1967, at annual salary of £700. Because of legal implications, it was agreed to draw up a Trust Deed incorporating existing Constitution and Rules of Procedure. Central Office moved to Basingstoke, at home of Leslie Kingston.


23rd January – Leslie Kingston in touch with pilot group, and assisting with formation of, Colostomy Welfare Group.

4th March – National Council meeting at Birmingham accepted new Trust Deed.

8th May – National Executive Committee meeting – following referendum of divisions, subscriptions raised to £1, with 50% to be remitted to National Council.


9th March – First meeting of Trustees – Professor Bryan Brooke, Dr. Cuthbert Dukes, Miss A. M. Mitchell, Mr. T. V. Robinson, Professor J. G. Goligher and Dr. T. L. Hardy.

20th July – Leslie Kingston reported inauguration of C.W.G.


8th January – Mr. David Wallace, FRCS, requested the calling of a meeting of ileal bladder members of IA as he thought there was a need for a separate group.

8th March – At National Council meeting, Tom Sturgeon elected Chairman of National Executive Committee.


14th March – National Council meeting held at Edinburgh. Agreed that an employee of a stoma equipment manufacturer or supplier shall not hold any office within Association.


16th September – Executive Committee informed that Urinary Ileostomy Association had been formed with Mr. R. Carroll as President. Joint meeting of executive committees suggested.


7th April – At National Council meeting at Glasgow, Ron Thorp elected National Treasurer in succession to Mr. Moore.


June – Leslie Kingston appointed M.B.E. in Queen’s Birthday Honours.

14th December – National Executive Committee discussed draft constitution for IOA.


October 7th – 9th – first general meeting of IOA held in London.


21st Anniversary of IA. Birthday appeal raised £41,076.

15th April – National Council meeting at Reading – Tom Keily succeeded Tom Sturgeon as Chairman of National Executive Committee.

16th October – Thanksgiving Service held at All Souls, Langham Place, London to celebrate 21st Anniversary of IA.

31st December – total membership now 7,103: 6,231 ordinary, 803 associate and 69 honorary.


1st January – Chris Penney succeeded Leslie Kingston as National Secretary. Central Office moved to office in Basingstoke and, subsequently, to Chris’s home at Chobham, Surrey.

31st October – Professor Lennard-Jones informed EC of meeting to be held on 7th November to set up an association for sufferers of colitis and Crohn’s disease (National Association for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease).

1st December – EC informed re meeting of NACC. Professor Bryan Brooke, Professor Miles Irving, Tom Keily and Chris Penney attended from IA.

Chris elected as liaison member of NACC steering committee.

20th April – National Council agrees that IA should join IOA.


28th March – National Council at Liverpool agrees to increase National Executive Committee by election of five elected (regional) representatives – Pat Broughton, David Eades, Rodney Garratt, Bow Heath and Paul Morton.


Silver Jubilee Year.


16th April – National Council meeting at Manchester: Professor Miles Irving FRCS (professor of surgery at the University of Manchester) succeeded Professor Bryan Brooke as National President.


May, 100th edition of Q T G B Newsletter/IA Newsletter/IA Journal published.


1st January – Doreen Harris appointed M B E in New Year’s Honours. Rodney Garratt succeeded Ron Thorp as National Treasurer. Colour advertizing first appeared in IA Journal No. 103.


5th October – National Executive Committee agreed to form special interest group for people with continent ileostomies, thereby recognizing new surgical techniques.


1st January – subscriptions increased to £6 (from £5) for members under 60 and £3 (from £2.50) for members aged 60 and over. Two thirds payable to National Council. First computer (an IBM compatible PC) installed at Central Office.

July – Ian Todd FRCS , surgical advisor to IA, became President of Royal College of Surgeons.


30th September – total membership = 8,214: 7,171 ordinary members; 854 associate members; 189 honorary members.

5th October – David Eades succeeded Chris Penney as National Secretary. Central Office moved to Mansfield, Notts.


Desktop publishing (Apple Mac computer and laser printer) installed at Central Office. ‘The Ileostomy Book’ (edited by Sue Bosanko and Chris Penney) published – a collection of articles from previous editions of the IA Journal plus some new features.


31st March – National Council held at University of Ulster, Belfast. The President, Professor Miles Irving, announced that the Bryan Brooke Lecture will be given at future NC meetings, with BNB medal being presented to the speaker.


7th April – National Council meeting at Sheffield – inaugural Bryan Brooke Lecture delivered by Professor Sir Geoffrey Slaney.

June – Brenda Flanagan elected to co-ordinating committee of European Ostomy Association.


4th April – National Council meeting at Newcastle upon Tyne. Sudden death of national treasurer, Rodney Garratt. Professor Norman Williams FRCS elected national vice-president.

30th September – total membership = 9,084: 8,206 ordinary members; 722 associate members; 156 honorary members.

1st October – Nick Moon appointed National Treasurer.


1st January – subscriptions increased to £8 (from £6) for members under 60 and £5 (from £3) for members aged 60 and over. £5 and £2 respectively payable to National Council.

11th April – National Council meeting at Norwich: Professor Norman Williams (professor of surgery at the Royal London Medical School) succeeded Professor Miles Irving as National President. Presidential chain of office presented to IA by Professor Irving (purchased by donations to mark his retirement). This was the last IA meeting attended by Professor Bryan Brooke; ill-health prevented his attending future meetings.

June – Brenda Flanagan elected president of European Ostomy Association and, ex-officio, member of co-ordinating committee of International Ostomy Association.

7th October – meeting held at Northampton with British Colostomy Association and Urostomy Association to set up co-ordination committee to organize World Ostomy Day on 2nd October, 1993.


16th April – National Council meeting held at Canterbury. Consideration given to changing Constitution to allow people with internal pouches (restorative proctocolectomy) to become members of IA. August – Tom Keily, executive committee chairman, met Charity Commissioner to discuss proposed changes to Constitution and requirements of recently enacted Charities Act, 1992. Advice was that (a) the Constitution could be changed, (b) new objects adopted, (c) local groups should register as separate charities to preserve their autonomy. Legal team at NCVO also consulted.

2nd October – major exhibition and conferences held at Café Royal, London in connection with World Ostomy Day.

4th December – special meeting of National Council held at Royal College of Surgeons to consider amendments to Constitution. Agreed that, following discussions with Charity Commission, (a) name be changed from the ‘Ileostomy Association of Great Britain and Ireland’ to IA; (b) revised objects be adopted; (c) new Constitution (based on model issued by Charity Commission) be approved; (d) model Constitution (based on model issued by Charity Commission) be approved for local groups.


11th April – VIIIth IOA Congress in Adelaide – Brenda Flanagan elected vice president of the International Ostomy Association.

23rd September – discussions held with officers of Royal College of Nursing Stoma Care Nurses Forum re production of ‘Going Home’ booklets.


1st January – Professor Miles Irving, national president 1982-92, awarded knighthood in New Year’s Honours.

7th April – National Council meeting held at Aberdeen. To commemorate IA‘s 40th anniversary (14th April, 1996), £40,000 to be raised to support formation of ostomy association in Romania.

1st June – IA Journal 148 published – first issue with full colour throughout.

10th June – meeting held at Royal College of Surgeons with pouch groups and interested people. 2

5th November – second meeting of pouch groups. Agreed to set up a national register of people who have pouch.

1st December – 150th edition of IA Journal published. Two booklets – ‘Going Home – Living with an Ileostomy’ and ‘Going Home – Living with a Pouch’ – published in conjunction with Royal College of Nursing Stoma Care Nurses Forum and distributed to all stoma care nurses in UK. The research projects commenced in conjunction with Royal College of Surgeons, Royal College of Physicians and British Digestive Foundation.


5th February – party of ten surgeons and nurses from Romania visit UK as IA‘s guests. Hold two meetings with national project team, visit Hope Hospital, Salford, St Mark’s, London, and Royal College of Nursing. Agreement reached on proposals for developing stoma care and patient support group in Romania.

1st March – 40th anniversary commemorative booklet ‘The Rising of the Phoenix – The Origins of IA‘ published and distributed to all members and other readers of the Journal.

12th to 14th April – National Council meeting held in Birmingham (Solihull). 40th anniversary. Bryan Brooke Lecture delivered by Professor Sir Miles Irving ‘Give me the evidence, doctor’

October – members of project team visit Romania to assess needs of ostomists. Application (unsuccessful) submitted to National Lottery Charities Board for grant of £200,000 for Romania project.


February – four nurses from Romania visit UK for three weeks as IA‘s guests to undergo training in stoma care.

4th to 6th April – national council meeting held at Exeter. Membership now 9885, including 262 with internal pouches.

16th to 19th June – IXth Congress of International Ostomy Association held at Calgary, Canada. Brenda Flanagan, IA‘s international relations secretary, elected IOA president.


New Year’s Honours List – Fred Buckland, national fund raising co-ordinator 1985 – 1993, awarded MBE.

3rd to 5th April – National Council meeting held in Pontypridd. Bryan Brooke Lecture delivered by Professor Sir Leslie Turnberg, immediate past president of the Royal College of Physicians.

18th September – death of Professor Bryan Nicholas Brooke MD, MChir, FRCS, Hon FRACS, aged 83, IA‘s president 1956 to 1982.

1st October – Bruce McKenzie succeeded David Eades as national secretary. National office moved to Burton upon Stather, North Lincolnshire


January – MCI Worldcom provides freephone telephone number free of charge – 0800 018 4724.

26th to 28th March – National Council meeting held at Brighton. Bryan Brooke Lecture delivered by Professor John Hermon-Taylor. Tom Keily retired as chairman of the national executive committee, having held the office since 1977. Donald Currie takes the chair.

June – Jill Hughes, secretary of North Wales IA, awarded MBE in Birthday Honours.


10th June – death of chairman of the national executive committee, Donald Currie, aged 47. Anne Demick assumed role of acting chairman.


February – Bruce McKenzie, national secretary, advised the national executive committee that he wished to vacate the post when a successor could be appointed. Anne Demick accepted the executive committee’s invitation to take on the post.

22nd March – National Council meeting held in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Bob Bailey elected chairman of the national executive committee David Eades retired after fourteen years as Journal editor and was succeeded by John Smail.

August – death of Irene Betts, founder secretary of North Eastern IA and sometime member of national executive committee.

December – new website launched – www.the-ia.org.uk.


March – Donald Currie Research Fellowship closed at £35,000.


3rd April – National Council meeting held in Glasgow. David Eades elected chairman of the national executive committee in succession to Bob Bailey who did not seek re-election. Bryan Brooke Lecture delivered by Professor Neil Mortensen.