What is an Ileostomy?

An ileostomy is part of you. Your bowel needs to be diverted away from its usual route and out onto your abdomen.

This means you will no longer sit on the toilet to open your bowels as your bowel motions and any wind will pass into the bag. The consistency of the motion will be a mixture of bowel liquid and semi-solid motion with some wind. However, you will still be able to pass urine in the normal way.

An ileostomy will be situated on the abdomen, usually on the right of the belly button. Its size and shape will vary, but within a month or two it should be about the size of a 50p piece or smaller.  Its normal colour is pinkish red and it may not be round.

It is usually referred to as a stoma – it will always be moist and may bleed if touched, and is similar to the inside of your mouth. It will protrude a few centimetres from your abdomen.