Standing Order Form - Branch

Setting up your member subscriptions as a regular payment will ensure that your subscriptions are paid on time and you continue to remain a member of IA and receive the IA Journal. With a standing order you keep control of payment information such as how much is paid, how frequently and when payment is made through the instructions you give to your bank or building society. You can amend these instructions at any time by getting in touch with your bank or building society.

Regular payments also help us as a charity to reduce our administrative costs as we do not need to chase outstanding subscriptions.

If you are a member of one of the following groups please download the standing order form (branch). If your group is not listed, please contact your group directly for a standing order form (which bears their bank details). Please do not use the form below to pay by standing order if your group is not listed here.

  • Avon
  • Berks, Buck and Oxon IA
  • Cornwall
  • Coventry and District
  • Devon and Somerset
  • East London and South Essex
  • East of Scotland
  • Fife
  • Greater London West
  • Hampshire
  • Highland
  • Humberside
  • Kent
  • Leicestershire
  • Manchester
  • Norfolk and Suffolk
  • North Eastern
  • North Essex
  • North London
  • North of Scotland
  • North Wales
  • North West Lancashire and Cumbria
  • Northern Ireland
  • Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire
  • South East London and West Kent
  • Sheffield and Rotherham
  • South Wales
  • Sussex
  • Tayside
  • Three Counties: Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester
  • West and Central Scotland
  • West Hants Wilts and Dorset
  • West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Wigan