Examining attitudes and knowledge regarding the medical use of cannabis amongst those with chronic conditions: A UK study


Nicole Okungbowa, MSc postgraduate student – Birmingham City University

I am currently completing a study on the use of cannabis for medical purposes. Specifically, the research depicts attitudes, knowledge and experiences of those with symptomatic chronic conditions regarding the medical efficacy of cannabis. The survey is separated into three sections; the first section discusses the current circumstances of the participants -what medical condition they manage on a day-to-day basis.

The second section then examines the experiences of those who have used cannabis medically, as well as symptom management. The final section is about the overall view of cannabis, whether that is legality, or the likelihood of cannabis use, even though it is prohibited in the UK; or incredibly expensive. It is important to understand potential coping strategies, and with research on cannabis’ medical efficacy being inconclusive, it could be argued that those who potentially use cannabis in their daily life for medical purposes – regardless of prohibition or expense – are more equipped than anyone to discuss its efficacy. Participants do not need to have previously used cannabis to take part but do need some form of chronic condition.