#OstomyRider – Week 3

‘Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring’

Week 3

Day 1

After a tiring few days at the show I gave myself a day off yesterday (much needed sleep!) and back on today…

Spinning 45 mins. Bag was very close to slight leak much of the day but I put a bit of tape on the dubious section and took a chance… underneath cycling shorts it’s usually ok as they are designed to be tight fitting thus holding everything in. I regularly check during each session (a quick glance down) and all was ok. Session was tough but thanks to the ‘80’s soundtrack we battled through resulting with jelly legs and euphoria! I felt great after the session, I try and focus on a spot on the floor during the session and imagine it’s another cyclist I have to catch. Failing that I think about people who have inspired me or how much more I can eat post session…

Day 2

Bike in back of car and off to find a nice trail to follow for my hour session. Not many people out today even though it’s nice and sunny. Biked to the beach and back and felt really good. Ride variety is key, like anything it gets boring if you do the same thing time and time again. Rather muddy out there but all good with how I’m feeling. Took enough to drink and some sweeties.

Day 3

Booked in for spinning tonight with Becky. Goodness me I’m tired, I feel really moany and hate being like this. Time for a mental kick up the bum, get changed, get kit sorted and put on some inspirational music. No reason why I should feel so tired unfortunately it’s one just of the side effects that go with my condition. Suck it up buttercup as they say – plus I don’t want to let my training partner down so off I go.

It was a good session, I’m so glad I went. Mentally and physically I am worn out but happy. Legs will feel it tomorrow.

Day 4

Went to the gym and rediscovered the cross trainer, (who is not some angry guy who shouts at you!) – ouch leg muscles but what a great feeling.

Day 5

Post ride. Feel great! Beautiful day to get out. Biked 1hr 15m and feel amazing. Bag didn’t leak so now it’s time to shower and change it and eat, eat, eat!


I figured I should probably talk a little about this. Please bear in mind anything I talk about that I do or eat works for me and is done either from chatting to my stoma nurse or consultant, or with some foods, trial and error. I would always suggest that you chat to medical professionals. Online forums are great but please remember they are individual opinions and experience not always medical…

On the whole I follow a gluten and dairy free diet, there are times I fall off the bandwagon in style but usually if I’ve had gluten free days. I was lucky to see a nutritionist (I recommend) and she suggested I try the gluten and dairy free diet as I was experiencing high output. The gluten also gives me joint pains, bloat and stops me sleeping so it was a no brainer to cut it out.

I’m lucky on the whole that I eat (and can eat) most things, I eat nuts, fruit, veg pretty much most things, although I do have some of them in moderation and my number one priority is hydration. Every time I go out I take a drinks bottle with me, this has squash not just plain water. I have about three or four of these a day plus cups of tea. I cannot function if I haven’t drunk enough and have experienced the joys of dehydration.

I eat, A LOT. And regularly too. I also cannot function properly if I’m hungry. Don’t get between me and a meal!