#OstomyRider – Week 4

Anna highlights how it’s not always easy, however motivated you are! “It’s been a bit of a day, 3 bag changes due to 3 leaks and the dreaded diarrhoea pre-spin”

Week 4

Day 1

Back to it with a vengeance me thinks. Having had a break in between everything kind of puts the kibosh on training but after having a middle of the night non-motivational mindset I woke this morning feeling much better. Sunny days seem to help with the old mindset. Plus I have developed a love for night riding having got some ‘super-duper burn the retinas’ bike lights.

We’re spinning tonight and Friday we’re booked in for our gym induction which I’m looking forward to. They give personal training plans and are very keen on the psychological side of why you are at the gym too so I’m looking forward to a good chat with them. Having a local friendly gym that is human is a must!

It’s been a bit of a day, 3 bag changes due to 3 leaks and the dreaded diarrhoea pre-spin, I use absorbent sachets inside my bag, they really help. I had cheese at lunchtime so it’s time to get back to the dairy and gluten free diet.

Spinning was tough tonight, not going to lie or pretty it up. Typing this at home straight after and between a sore knee, cramp/pulled muscle on shin it wasn’t the greatest session. I’m certainly glad I did and I did it justice, but these types of sessions are painful reminders that I do need to look after myself properly. My tummy is sore and the diarrhoea is still there.  Considering all the aches and pains I’m going through at the mo is almost certainly my not inconsiderable over-indulgence recently – back to clean eating. I’m looking forward to seeing the overall improvements and getting back to my usual self. Even as I’m typing this it feels like my mood is lower too. I’ve got my gym induction on Friday with Becky and we’re also biking together on Saturday (we’re both hoping she has a new bike for her birthday!!), that and writing this blog is giving me that extra push.

Day 2

Not sure if it was the dairy excess or if I picked up a bug but definitely feeling under the weather, a duvet day was in order.

Day 3

Happy birthday to my training partner and most excellent friend.

Needed to get out on the bike today to get back onto the plan but feel like my mojo has left the building. Weird feeling, really not sure what is stopping me. I did some essential work related stuff though so day wasn’t wasted. Am planning to ride tomorrow. Felt much more motivated by evening like something has lifted.

Day 4

Felt much much better today and learning that I shouldn’t beat myself up over days like yesterday. Got kit sorted after breakfast, loaded bike up and drove to start of trail near the beach. My plan was to the trail in an hour or less (it is do-able) and also a good gauge as to how my fitness is. There’s an incline all the way out but coming back is a lot faster and easier! I pushed myself quite hard, and felt great for it. 10 miles in under an hour off road so I was rather pleased with myself! Needed some post ride fuel and luckily the chip shop was open – it was only a small portion of chips but much needed!

I’m meeting Becky soon, we’ve got our gym induction later. I’m really looking forward to it and what they say. Admittedly am a bit tired from this morning, I’m sure our trainer won’t work us too hard (hope not!)