Gift Aid Form

If you are a UK taxpayer and eligible to Gift Aid, IA can claim an extra 25p for every £ you give, to support our charitable activities. Based on current Gift Aid rules (2019) that would mean we can claim an extra £2.50 on your £10 subscription (members 60 and over) or £3.75 on your £15 subscription (members under 60).

There are specific rules about claiming Gift Aid on charity membership subscriptions. To qualify for Gift Aid, charity subscription payments must be for membership only and not include the use of the charity’s facilities or services (please note IA does not charge for services such as Visiting as part of its membership and therefore this ‘service’ does not breach Gift Aid rules). These conditions still allow members to:

  • receive newsletters which explain IA’s work
  • visit and view the work of IA
  • take part in activities that form part of IA’s objectives

To be eligible to Gift Aid

  • you must have paid the same amount or more in income or capital gains tax in that tax year than IA claims on your subscriptions or donations
  • make a Gift Aid declaration that gives you permission to claim it

If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible to Gift Aid, we recommend you seek advice from a professional before completing a gift aid form or visit for more information.

I want to Gift Aid

If you are eligible to Gift Aid please complete ONE of the forms below. Which form you complete will depend upon which group of IA your membership is held with. This is because some IA groups (referred to as ‘Affiliates’) are registered directly with the Charity Commission and manage their own Gift Aid claims and some of our groups are ‘Branches’; they fall under the umbrella of the main IA charity. Please check which group you belong to and download the corresponding form. Please note the difference is just the name of the charity that you put onto the form – this gives them specific permission to claim Gift Aid on eligible subscriptions and donations. Whichever group you belong to however, you are part of IA!

Gift Aid Branch

If you are a member of one of the following groups please download the Branch Gift Aid form:

Berks, Buck and Oxon IA
Coventry and District
Devon and Somerset
East of Scotland
Greater London West
Norfolk and Suffolk
North Eastern
North Essex
North London
North of Scotland
North Wales
North West Lancashire and Cumbria
Northern Ireland
Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire
South East London and West Kent
Sheffield and Rotherham
South Wales
Three Counties: Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester
West and Central Scotland
West Hants Wilts and Dorset
West Riding of Yorkshire

Gift Aid Affiliate

If you are an IA member of one of the following groups please download the Affiliate Gift Aid form:

East London and South Essex
Kettering and District
North Midlands and Shropshire
Peterborough and Wisbech
Sandwell and Walsall