Raising awareness of sleeping rough with a stoma

To raise awareness of sleeping rough with a stoma, Ian Jackson, ostomate, will be sleeping out on 31st January from 7:30pm – 7:30am. Organised through The Northampton Hope Centre, who work with the homeless in Northampton, Ian is challenging himself to sleep rough with only a sleeping bag and cardboard to lay on.

Ian with dogIan said, “For a few years now I have been aware that there are homeless and rough sleepers that are also ostomates and have wondered how they cope when I sometimes even struggle in my safe, warm, dry home. When I start to think about this, I also wonder how these people cope with symptoms that have led us all to our stoma. Would bowel cancer be as diagnosable and treatable to homeless? How difficult would life with IBD be for the homeless?

“There is now some fantastic support for those with bowel problems online and leaflets sent by post but what support is there for those that are homeless or sleeping rough?

“Through my time helping support ostomates I have always believed we should be helping those that are in the greatest need of support and wonder how we can help homeless ostomates. I know that me sleeping rough for 12 hours will not make me understand how being homeless feels but only give me a small insight.

“I do hope though that I can raise a little awareness, I hope that for a few people I can make them aware that when they see or hear about homeless people they also see them as people that also may have the same problems that we have.”

Ian lives with a colostomy and normally irrigates however he will skip irrigation, and wear a drainable bag.

If you’d like to support Ian in raising awareness and support the wonderful work of Northampton Hope Centre please visit Ian’s Just Giving page to donate. Please note that donations will go directly to the Northampton Hope Centre. You can visit their website using the link above to learn more about the support they offer and how your donation will help.

To donate please click >> https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ian-jackson-sleepout2020?